Just so you all know I’m not disappearing on you :P I’m going on hiatus from the 11th to the 25th because I’m going on holiday! <3

Aw yeah what I wanted to hear, that you use actions. I love your tutorials. If you have time, you should make one of how you use yours! Do you use it on gifs and pictures by the way?

Aw thank you!! To be honest, I just downloaded the action I mainly use on gifs from a photoshop tumblr :P I use different ones on pictures depending on the quality of the picture.

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Do you sharpen your gifs layer by layer, or do you use sharpening action?

I use sharpening actions!

It helped, thanks! But hoooow the heeeeeck does one use it as a base coloring? Is it just putting it on normally but add own colors till it looks the way I want it?

By base colouring I mean like, just choose the psd you think will look good on the gif, sometimes it takes me 7-8 different psd’s to find one that looks good. If it looks good without changing any of the adjustment layers, then just leave it as it is. But now I’ve gotten into the habit of playing around with the adjustment layers to see if it could look any better. E.g. sometimes I change opacity of the levels layer, or the curves layer etc. Things like that until I like the colouring.

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Hi, love the blog, and Amber. I've got one question tho, how do you color your gifs? And if you use psd, how do you find the right ones? When I use psds the colors never fit to my gif! :'(

Hey!! Thank you! :’D I basically use psd’s as the base colouring, because it’s near enough impossible to find a psd that matches perfectly with whatever scene you’re gifing. It helps if you choose a psd that’s been made specifically for the kind of scene e.g. a psd made for outdoor scenes, or a psd made for dark scenes, that kind of thing. Once I’ve got the psd loaded onto the gif, I then just play around with the different adjustment layers. I hide/unhide some and change the opacity until the colouring suits the scene. It does take a while to figure out what colourings look good and what doesn’t, but you’ll get there. Hope this helps! <3