So pretty soon I’m going to hit a big number of followers, which is amazing because it means you all love my gifs XD But I want to do something as a thank you for following me, but I’m not sure what I could do? If you have any ideas, anon me or reply to this because I really want to do something for you guys! What do you think?

It wasn’t her fault. The guy would never take his clothes out of the dryer.

Ahhhhhhh I lost my copy of ExTerminators after I got a new laptop and I was gutted because I’d only just start giffing it but now I’ve randomly found it in one of my old folders aw yeahhhhhh I can finally carry on giffing that movie :D

So glaaaaaad to see youu come back ! I want more amber gif you're the goddess of Amber's gifs <3 and this new size is perfect as you are :D

Aww oh my god YOU GUYSSSS. This message was so cute and I legit sat here smiling haha :’) Ahhhh calling me the goddess of Amber gifs, so sweet! Thank you <3

Okay so I didn’t know you could do this, so I’ve always had to either make my gifs under 1MB or resize them, but now I don’t have to and it’s actually amazing! Just thought I’d post this on here for you guys in case you didn’t know you could do this either.

So you’ve got your gif over 1MB, upload it in a picture post and save it to your drafts. Right click on it and click on copy image url. Then in your text post, hold down alt and this button imagewill change to this imageClick on it, and then paste the url of the gif, and viola! Your gif that doesn’t usually work in text posts that’s over 1MB now works!

Hope this helps out a couple of you guys because it certainly helped me :’)

I personally love that your gifs are bigger! Thanks for all your hard work! ♥

Aw thank you!! It’s all down to personal preference really, and at least with bigger gifs people can resize them :P 

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